Step Back in Time with Pelikan's M101N Bright Red

Following the success of Pelikan's historically-inspired M101N pen designs, the Bright Red is poised to boldly appear in the collections of Pelikan fans in March of 2017.

Pelikan M101N Bright Red Special Edition

The vibrant red barrel and cap sleeve are made from high-quality acrylic with a distinctive marbled pattern. The synthetic resin used to create the cap head and blind cap polishes itself as it is used, meaning that Bright Red will always continue to shine.

The red marble is complemented by 24kt gold trims and clip. The 14kt gold Pelikan nib cannot be denied as one of the best in the industry. The nib will be available in a variety of sizes to fit the writer's needs (extra-fine, fine, medium and broad).

Step Back in Time with Pelikans M101N Bright Red

Each pen is presented in a special gift case, including a bottle of 4001 fountain pen ink.

MSRP for the Pelikan M101N Bright Red pen will be $650, but will be available at our store for a discount. 

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