Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

The weather is getting warmer here in New Jersey. The last of our snow has melted away and the early birds can be heard tweeting away without using 140 characters. Looking at your year so far, have you held up to your goals for 2016? Are they in progress? Most importantly, do you have a system for keeping yourself moving forward without losing sight of the big picture?

Modern life is abundant with distractions to keep us from working on our goals. Yes, most of the prime-time, network TV shows have returned from mid-season break (Walking Dead is getting really good). Scrolling around Facebook became more involving, as you have other options besides a simple "like." And, what's there to be said that hasn't been said about the Presidential primary season....

All these distractions can suck up so much time without us even knowing it. That's why it's a great idea to unplug once in a while and focus on what really matters.

Every once in a while, you read something about an uber-successful person relying on pen and paper to keep their thoughts in line and focus on the "big picture." Richard Branson comes to mind. So does acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. Handwriting also has benefits in learning, as one study points out.

Enter the organizer - a pen & paper practitioner's best friend. Filofax, our #1 brand of organizer we offer, is world renown for their durable, fashionable and practical designs. Each year, designers get together to devise new, fashionable and trendy organizers to refresh the brand and stay on the cutting edge of modern style.

These new, 2016 Filofax styles are now available to order in our shop. The pleasing colors and cover designs are perfect for Spring.

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

Not into social media? This is your kind of "Tweet." Writing in this organizer far exceeds the 140 character limit, and we're OK with that! Pocket or Personal sizes available.

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

For lovers of all things Spring, this pretty style of Filofax "Butterflies" organizer fits perfectly. Pocket or personal size.

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

The Filofax Geometric's mesmerizing print design and calming color palette will help you keep on-task without stressing out on the details.

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

Wrapped in luxurious, genuine leather, the Lockwood has a distinguished and elegant feel. Available in A5 or Personal size in Aqua or Garnet colors.

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

As comfortable as a pair of your favorite jeans, the Filofax Denim Dots has a button fly closure to complete the look. Available in pocket or personal sizes.

Goldspot Original Spring Essentials Organizer Set

While we introduce all new organizers to the Filofax planner lineup, we are highlighting a glowing best-seller by offering this exclusive bundle that will help you get your organizer set up in a jiffy!
Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

We invite you to move right into a new organizer to kickstart your most important goals and get a handle on your busy schedule. Our Filofax Fluorescent Pink A5 Essentials Set includes all the standard organizer inserts that come with the purchase of a brand new A5 :

  • 2016 Week on Two Pages Diary
  • 6 Numbered Index Tabs
  • Contact Address Sheets
  • Assorted Color Ruled Notepaper
  • To-Do List Paper
  • Plain, Grid and Ruled White Notepaper
  • Transparent Envelope
  • Ruler / Pagemarker

Spring 2016 Filofax designs that will enhance your calm

In addition, this essentials set provides you with a few extras to help customize your organizer set up, including :

  • (1) Pack of Plain White Notepaper (25 sheets)
  • (1) Assorted Sticky Notes & Highlight Strips
  • (1) Pack of Organizer Stickers

In case that isn't enough, we're also including a complimentary crystal gem ballpoint pen (colors vary and are chosen at random upon shipping).

Normally, the A5 organizer alone costs $111.00 retail price.

We're offering the entire set at the outstanding price of $99.00, including FREE US priority shipping to any domestic US shipping addresses.

This offer is limited to the number of organizers we have available in-stock. Once we sell out, this set will not be offered again. CLICK HERE to view the details in our shop and place an order.