Review : Monteverde Invincia Black Pearl Fountain Pen

Upon special request from fellow pen tweeters @Garbonza & @ecram, here is our review of the Monteverde Invincia fountain pen in the new Black Pearl finish.
Review : Monteverde Invincia Black Pearl Fountain PenThe Monteverde Invincia collection has been around for a while and continues to be one of the best-selling Monteverde pens that we offer. In late 2009, the Black Pearl finish was released, adding subtle sophistication to the grand, contoured design. It is also the first time the Invincia has a screw-off cap for the fountain pen and rollerball pen models.

Review : Monteverde Invincia Black Pearl Fountain Pen
The first impression is striking. The Invincia has a large profile (length 5 3/8" capped, 6 1/4" cap posted, ~1/2" diameter) with the "heft" and size found in pens that usually cost over $200. Even the steel nib is big, adorned with an unique Monteverde imprint on the metal.

Review : Monteverde Invincia Black Pearl Fountain Pen
I'll admit I haven't given Monteverde fountain pens their due and have "written off" (pun intended) any potential in their nibs. I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the nib and the fact that the "medium" standard nib wrote more on the finer side, which I usually prefer. The nib wasn't 100% smooth, but far better than a baseline iridium point, steel nib.

Review : Monteverde Invincia Black Pearl Fountain Pen

There is a grip gripe I have about the front, chrome section of the pen. As I continued to write, the chrome felt more and more slippery. Forget it if you've got a case of sweaty hands, or just ate a handful of french fries.

So, what is with the Black Pearl finish? Sparkly? No! Imagine a glossy black finish on a car. If you look at it closely, you can see the sheen in the surface. Looks sharp and is much nicer than a plain, flat black.

  • Writing Quality : Large steel nib performs well as a fine-ish medium point. (grade B)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Large, grand in size and contour. The deep and complex lacquer pairs well with the chrome trim, clip and nib. Design is reminiscent of higher-end Italian-made pens (grade A)
  • Utility : Chrome front section gets a bit slippery while writing for longer stints. Can be filled by cartridge or converter. (grade B-)
  • Price : For $80 retail (on sale for $63.95 at, the Invincia Black Pearl is a great value buy for the luxurious feel of a high-quality writing instrument. (grade A)

Final Grade : B+
The Black Pearl is a sophisticated, yet understated finish that is a great addition to the successful line of Invincia pens. If it weren't for the narrow, slippery front grip section, this pen would have been a top pick.