Retail Me Not Goldspot

Retail Me Not GoldspotSo, you're one click away from checkout, shopping cart full of goodies, and you're just about to pull out your credit card when the thought dawns on you like a great, big lightbulb hovering above your head : Let me see if I can get a coupon for this!

Sites like RetailMeNot have made coupon hunting a 5 second "google" search away. I won't lie, I've done it before for sites like Amazon and B&N, but with limited success. Although the search for the coupon can take less than 5 seconds, you may waste 15 minutes trying out the different coupons to see which one takes. Coupons, especially online ones, expire rapidly. A coupon code may sometimes last one or two weeks. By the time someone submits the valid code on RetailMeNot, it may only have a few days before it is invalid.

Retail Me Not GoldspotListen, we want to make it simple and straightforward to our customers. That is why we have our Facebook Fan Page set up with a "Promotional Offers" Photo Album. There, you can find some long-term promotions that don't have a set expiration. For limited-time sales and coupons, we post them regularly on Facebook and our Twitter feeds.

Most stores will want you to sacrifice your e-mail address to obtain "special offers" and "deals." In reality, don't we all have too much e-mail to check already? However, if you do prefer to receive our promotions via e-mail, you can always sign up through our eNewsletter Sign Up Page.

Next time you price shop for pens, be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for our most current discounts and special offers. You'll be glad you did!