Presenting our 2012 Fine Pen Gift Guide

As shoppers around the globe scramble to the stores and click their way though cyber deals, they are in search of the answer to the age old question, "What should I get for so-and-so?" While the big corporations may want to answer that question for you by pushing the next greatest thing, most people are looking for helpful advice. And, lets face it, you're not going to find anyone helpful at a big box retail chain. Our answer is the Goldspot 2012 Holiday Fine Pen Gift Guide which offers sets of gifts in a variety of price ranges (from $15 to $395) that are geared toward everyone, from fountain pen novice to techie to co-workers.

The 2012 Gift Guide is home to hand-picked suggestions from our staff, combined with research and feedback from our customers. We've combed our website and the 1,000's of fine writing products that we sell to give you the top picks based upon value, quality and popularity. Think we missed one? Feel free to comment below to add your suggestion.

Namiki Falcon
A few highlights from our list include the Namiki Falcon for a fountain pen connoisseur. This unique writing instrument from Japan is one of the few modern fountain pens that has a solid gold nib with a degree of flexibility. See the Falcon in Flight!

We also did not forget about those who need pen & paper to stay organized and manage their busy schedules. We suggest three Filofax lines that are of exceptional value and available in new colors to match the latest in fashion trends.

Whether it be a smartphone, iPad, tablet, Kindle or android device, most people are going to be receiving (or already own) a touchscreen device that takes us a step away from good ol' pen and paper. However, touchscreen devices do not completely replace the tactile preference our brains have for writing things down on paper or using a pen. Think of how difficult it is to use your finger as a paintbrush in the "Draw Something" App. A touchscreen-compatible pen that can write on paper and be used for your mobile devices is a perfect complement gift to any gadget lover. You can go with a stocking stuffer of a Monteverde One Touch Stylus or upgrade to the ultra-modern Invincia Stylus Fountain Pen.

Presenting our 2012 Fine Pen Gift Guide
In our research, we've noticed a significant overlap in those who like fine pens and those who like fine automobiles. If you have a person on your list that drools every time a Ferrari passes by, then a Sheaffer Ferrari pen would be a great gift. For a more high-tech, high-octane aesthetic, we offer our exclusive Monteverde Grand Prix collection of limited edition pens in four sporty colors.

If you peruse our Gift Guide and are still stumped, please feel free to contact us through our Help Desk so a customer service representative can assist you with your specific gift needs.