Pimp Your Pen, Featuring ACME Studios

Anyone who loves a good fine writing instrument as much as we do knows that a pen is not just a pen. A great pen becomes your personal confidant, assistant, shoulder to sob on or co-conspirator for world domination! The definition of a "great pen" largely depends on the needs of the individual, and ACME Studios knows better than anyone else about how to cater to the individual. Their unique designs, interchangeable tips, and array of refill types allows customization of their writing instruments, or "Pimping" thy Pen.

Pimp Your Pen Featuring ACME Studios

Step 1. Select a Designer Pen

With dozens of designer rollerballs, including the limited ACME Americana collection and the Beatles Sets, ACME has a pen that uniquely identifies with every writer. From bright, colorful and complex to elegant and simplified, there's a style of ACME pen for anyone. The rollerball pen itself has a metal base with a design that is either etched or printed on the body & cap of the pen. The weight is an ample 1.3 oz with lengths of 5.38" capped, 5.88" cap posted and a 0.5" diameter at its thickest. Now that we've picked a base, now we can move on to the next, and possibly most important, choice.

Step 2. Choose your Writing Mode

Although we're starting with an ACME rollerball pen, there are options! The most popular conversion is using the Fountain Pen kit to replace the front section of the rollerball with that of one of a fountain pen with a stainless steel nib. This converts the rollerball pen into a cartridge or converter filling fountain pen (converter included).

Pimp Your Pen Featuring ACME Studios

Instead of going "old-school" with the fountain pen nib, we can opt to get all "21st Century" with a traditional writing instrument and opt for the digital stylus, which can be used for capacitive touchscreen devices like iPhones, iPods, Android Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets and the like. If the original rollerball is the desired mode of writing, there are three different textured sections that can replace the original black and chrome section. If more grip is desired, the rubber section is a solid upgrade choice.

Step 3. Stock Up on Refills

Thought we were done? What about ink? Now that the pen looks great and is ready to write, we need to figure out how the ink will flow. The fountain pen, of course, has the most choices in color and ink quality, being that it uses a converter and can fill using the multitudes of bottled ink brands that are out there in the market.

 ACME 5 Pack Rainbow Rollerball Ink Colors

The ACME rollerball can use one of three types of refills - the standard ceramic rollerball that comes with the pen is a liquid ink rollerball cartridge which flows nicely and gets a dark mark with little effort. ACME offers a rainbow rollerball ink color set that offers a variety of colors to write with. Also, a felt-tip version, which is reminiscent of an ultra-fine sharpie marker, can also be purchased separately. Lastly, for those who prefer the longevity and consistency of ballpoint ink, there is a P900 Ballpoint type that fits the rollerball body.

Bonus. Accessorize & Personalize

Most ACME designer rollerball styles are also offered in a matching business card case design as well. Also, we here at Goldspot pens also offer in-house engraving services to personalize your pimped out pen. True, some ACME pens do not lend themselves to full name engraving due to the busy patterns already on the pen, but initials are suitable for most pens. That way, you can deter others who are jealous of your customized writing instrument from swiping.