Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro Sky Blue Ink Review

In the spirit of the lighter and brighter colors of Spring and Easter Sunday, here is our review of the new Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro "Sky Blue" color of fountain pen ink that was recently added to the Iroshizuku line of high-quality inks earlier this year.

We couldn't get our eggs to look quite like the nest above. To be honest, the wife and I were a bit disappointed with the quality of one of our egg dye kits. The colors simply weren't saturated enough and didn't coat the eggs in enough color. Alas, lack of saturation is sometimes a concern in a fountain pen ink, especially a lighter color. J Herbin Bleu Azur is a perfect example of a "barely-there" ink that just doesn't provide enough contrast on the paper to be adequately visible. Ama-Iro provides that saturation and the lighter, aqua color that would be perfect for dyeing eggs. But I wouldn't recommend dyeing eggs with fountain pen ink. No matter the pH neutrality.

Of course, as with any ink of the Iroshizuku line, I've found Ama-Iro to flow nicely and behave well in my Pelikan M215 piston-filler. The color lives up to the name in being a very pleasant, light blue. Anyone else have an Easter/Spring ink they are writing with this weekend?

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