Pens in Time for Christmas and Free Shipping? YES!

Now that we're officially inside two weeks of XMAS, we know that our customers are growing more concerned about receiving their gifts on-time. For our US customers, the last possible day that UPS and the US Postal Service will deliver is Christmas Eve, December 24th.

We have a Free Standard Shipping promotion code (expires 12/31/10) on our catalog fliers that are going out in every shipment. It is for any order of $75 or more that is placed with a shipping address in the continental United States. So, many of you may want to know, when would be the last possible day that I can place an order with FREE SHIPPING that would make it in time? Consult this handy-dandy chart below (click to make larger):

Pens in Time for Christmas and Free Shipping YES!

Please don't take this as an excuse to procrastinate a few more days before placing your order! We want those fingers clicking over to the Goldspot Pens Store as soon as possible so that you can be both thrifty and on-time. To verify stock, please call our elves - I mean customer service at 800-963-7367. Items with tags on the site are usually IN-STOCK, but that information can change faster than the website can handle. It is best to contact us directly with urgent, time-sensitive orders.
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