Pen Spotlight - Summer, Evaluating your Pen Collection and your Snooping Significant Other

We've officially hit summer, folks! Time for trips to large bodies of water, squeezing into a car, train or plane to get there and enjoying the extended amount of daylight we get from Earth's current revolution around the blessed Sun. To really "soak it in" and record our fondest memories of the summer season, we grab our cameras and our notebooks to capture the fleeting joy and peace that can be found while basking in summer's glow.

We record because we don't want to forget and we want the images and the pages of memory to remind us of the good times, especially when you're trapped behind cubicle walls 50 weeks out of the year. We journal, diary and scrapbook to make our lives tangible, leaving breadcrumbs for our future selves to track backwards through time and space.

What if someone else has found your breadcrumbs and leads to some personal thoughts that you would rather no one else read? Notebook Stories comments on the topic of significant others reading your journal.

When packing for a trip, you may have a hard time selecting the lucky pens that accompany you on your travels. Inkophile talks about "Thinning the Pen Herd," and offers a solid set of criteria to decide whether a pen is worth keeping or removing from your collection.

For visual people who like to illustrate instead of narrate, Leigh Reyes writes (and draws) her 10 tips for dooders.

Go forth, doodle, journal and enjoy the great weather!
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