Pen Spotlight - Pen World Nominations, Beatles and Contest Ending

Good morning y'all,

Hope that everyone is alright after that last hit of winter wonderland the other day in the northeast. It seems that the snow just doesn't know when to stop this year. A quick update this Saturday morning:

The 2011 Academy Awards weren't the only nominations going out this week. Delta and Conklin have received a total of five nominations for the Seventeenth Annual Readers’ Choice Awards sponsored by Pen World magazine. The Delta Amerigo Vespucci was nominated for the "most fitting tribute to a historical figure or celebrity." Part of the Indigenous People's series of limited edition pens, the Delta Mapuche was nominated for "best pen inspired by a cultural or literary theme." The Dolcevita Oro and the Conklin Deco Crest were both nominated for the "Best Brand Icon" award. Lastly, the Delta Italiana is up for "Most incredible Value under $200." Best of luck to Delta, Conklin and the rest of the nominees.

Pen Spotlight - Pen World Nominations Beatles and Contest EndingVoting for Tom in the E-mail Template Design Contest is almost to a close (ends Jan 31st). He's nervously pacing back and forth, competing with another design for first place. Please do your best to share the link to vote on his template this weekend by posting this link to your facebook page, twitter followers or blog :

He greatly appreciates all the support that the fine writing community, goldspot fans and members on fountain pen network have given him. "This was too long of a contest," Tom says, "and I've been soliciting for votes like a politician stumping from virtual city to city. But, it's almost over now, and I need to go all out with a final push that will ensure a first place victory." When asked if he would consider entering a contest judged in this fashion again, he simply shook his head and walked away.

Many folks have called and e-mailed asking about the new ACME Beatles limited edition pens that are slated for 2011. Very few updates are available in the writing community, even as we near the eventual release date. We have had to update our original post on the Beatles pens to reflect the current pricing structure for the new proposed editions.

The good news for your wallet is that not all the Beatles editions will be coming out at once. Out of the over two dozen different designs, only 4 or 5 will be available for sale within the next few months, with the rest of them being released over the next 2 to 3 years. Goldspot has committed to being part of the first shipment of Beatles pens and will have several pens in-stock for collectors who are interested. We cannot take pre-orders just yet since we do not have the final pricing, but please drop us a line through Facebook, Twitter, call us or leave a comment on this post so we can notify you when we will be taking the first orders.