Pen Spotlight - Carnival Time!

Pen Spotlight - Carnival Time!
Tiger Pens is hosting the 11th Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper, which is always a great place to find new pen-minded people talking pens, writing and everything else in between. Tony made my head swell up a few hat sizes when he picked our post about Pens and the Age of Consumer Electronics as one of the Editor's Picks.

Another article I enjoyed was Whatever's Levenger Circa System to review ink and keep contact information.

Great pen recommendations from Brian Greene on Herman Miller's Lifework Blog.

Since we haven't done the Pen Spotlight in a few weeks, there are two reviews from Office Supply Geek that I wanted to share. First, there is the Monteverde Stealth Fountain Pen. This week, he wrote another review for the Fisher Trekker Space Pen, which he cooked and froze to prove how well it writes!

If you need some inspiration and motivation to be creative during your hectic schedule, Michael Nobbs throws down the gauntlet to take the 20 Minutes a Day Challenge. The main point is to pick something you're going to commit to and work on it for only 20 minutes a day. Sounds easier in theory than in practice!