Pen of the Year Winners for 2012

---This post has been edited 11/14/2012---

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the poll! We crushed our record for most votes cast by a whopping 600% over years past. Over 1,000 votes were cast between the top two pens.

 For anyone following the election, it was a neck-and-neck race between the Edison Beaumont and Conid's Fountainbel Bulkfiller Demonstrator. Fans of the "Edison Party" came out in droves to vote for their candidate. Others found the Bulkfiller to have more innovation in design, which the pen world seldom sees. Opinions from the exit polls :

Powerbroker wrote in favor of the Bulkfiller :
the Conid Fountainbel Bulk Filler is a true breakthrough pen. Novel filling system, safe for travel, huge ink capacity, fully serviced in all seals by users, easily changed nibs, steel gold and titanium nib options, sweet ergonomics, perfect balance due to the machined Titanium, beauty grace and style. There are many wonderful pens listed here but none have the combination of features, functionality of the Conid.

 While Charlene defended her candidate :
Hands down, the Edison Beaumont. This is by no means, a small pen, even though it is smaller than traditional Edison pens. It is easy to fill and the continuity of ink flow allows a pretty lengthy span between refills.
And you cannot beat the price or the stylish finish. 

After the smoke cleared on Monday night and polls closed at 12AM on the East Cost (US), the Conid's Fountainbel Bulkfiller Demonstrator was declared the winner. However, due to irrefutable evidence of vote-hacking that had swung the election in the Bulkfiller's favor, we have decided to share the yearly honor and declare the Edison Beaumont & Conid Bulkfiller as the Co-Winners of the 2012 Pen of the Year. For more details on the final results of the election, please read our statement regarding the election results.

Pen of the Year Winners for 2012

Fountainbel-Conid Bulk Filler by Darren McDonald (dmcdonald) on
Fountainbel-Conid Bulk Filler by Darren McDonald