Pelikan Inks Deal with Porsche Design writing instruments

It has been confirmed from several sources that Porsche Design had signed a co-operation agreement at the beginning of the year that designates Pelikan as their new license partner, replacing Faber-Castell. According to an article on The Moodie Report, Pelikan has the ability to produce writing instruments under the Porsche Design brand from Jan 1st, 2010 onward.

We had the pleasure of meeting with the Pelikan VP of Sales earlier this month and he had mentioned that, although the agreement had been made, new Porsche designs made by Pelikan were still months, if not a year, away. For now, they will be distributing current styles manufactured by Faber-Castell.

This move should be a great improvement for the Porsche brand. Pelikan is well-known for their world-class craftsmanship in producing top-tier writing instruments. It will be interesting to see a Porsche-branded, piston-filling fountain pen with the same high-quality nibs that Pelikan crafts for their pens.