Open Thread : What do you want to see in a Fine Writing Catalog?

Sorry for the short break in posts. We're hunkering down into catalog mode here in the office and that means not much time for anything else! If you've been with us from the beginning, you'll know that each new issue of the catalog strives to improve over the previous issue. We want it to be more informative, easier to read and more entertaining. We are excited to introduce new ideas and concepts into this current issue that will make it our best Goldspot catalog ever.

Of course, we can't talk about those ideas just yet, but we are interested to see if you could think of anything you would want to see in the ideal fine-writing paper catalog. What are some characteristics of a catalog that make you want to hold on to it, show it to friends and family, or display it proudly on your coffee table? Do you want the pages to read like a novel or have the pens take center stage with large, almost "real size" beauty shots of the pens? Are there any specialty brands that deserve a page or two that usually don't get any in other pen retailer catalogs? These are just some considerations to get your mind primed for throwing in a suggestion.

With the ever-evolving state of the internet, mobile browsing and social media being an overpowering force of communication, we realize that the necessity of a paper catalog is dwindling in its current form. However, it still remains a useful tool to many, especially the pen & paper crowd that prefer the tactile pleasure of turning pages over the clicking of a mouse. With your help, we want to make the Goldspot catalog a relevant, useful communication tool for pen fans everywhere.