Now Introducing the New Waterman Hemisphere

In 2011, the Waterman Hemisphere gets a new facelift. Well, maybe not exactly a facelift but more like a tummy tuck or a nose job. Similarly to how Parker refreshed their Sonnet line in 2008, Waterman is updating the style of their popular, entry model, slimline pen
Can you pick the old Hemisphere?
The big change is in the center band, literally. The barrel band is thicker with the engraving of "Waterman, Paris" proudly inscribed on the chrome or gold plating. Also, the clip does not seem to flare as much toward the bottom. Each pen is still offered in ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen. The fountain is fitted with a stainless steel nib in either fine or medium point size and fills by Waterman cartridge or converter, which is included for use with bottled ink.

The Hemisphere line has grown to accommodate a Deluxe and Special Edition line. The Deluxe models, much similar to the Expert Deluxe, feature a metal cap and lacquered barrel. The Silky black has a plain chrome-plated cap and a black lacquered body with a tone-on-tone effect to create silky wave effect. The Deluxe White has a plain white lacquer barrel, exactly like the standard white pen, only with a cap that is guillioche engraved with waves in gleaming chrome.

Then, there's the Hemisphere Agnes B. Special Edition. Originally an exclusive to Levenger, this finish was created by the European designer Agnes B., which would be more relevant to Americans if we were in Europe. Alas, the dark blue polka dots and the smooth thunderbolt of white going down the barrel looks more odd than inspiring to us Yanks. If only we were cultured to be more worldly... Personally, I don't care for it. It reminds me of a plain-looking Acme Pen and that is not the typical Waterman aesthetic.

The price points have stayed true to the thrifty quality of the Hemisphere. All the new Hemispheres (excluding the Agnes B) can be purchased for under a C Note and exude the grace and style of the Waterman brand that is known to be expensive. We have all styles available for shipping this week.

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