November 2013 Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Welcome to the November 2013 Blog Carnival!

November 2013 Carnival of Pen Pencil and Paper

Pen Reviews

Azizah Asgarali presents Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Black Body Fountain Pen - Double Broad posted at Gourmet Pens.

Brad Dowdy presents the Pelikan M205 Review posted at Pen Addict.

youstruckgold presents Ecclectitbits: Pelikan Twist - Pen Review posted at Ecclectitbits.

Inktronics presents a Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen - Broad Nib Review.

Pen Paper Ink Letter Presents a Noodler's Ahab Clear Flex Nib fountain pen review.

Paper & Writing Accessories

Dan Smith presents Monsieur Fountain Pen Notebook Review posted at FP Geeks.

Brian Greene presents Slickynotes Self Adhesive Dry Erase and Sticky Notes posted at

Heather presents The Next Step: Lamy Z24 Converter posted at A Penchant for Paper.

Pondering about Pens & Pencils

Vadim Koystinen presents Alphabet Pencil Sculptures posted at Bestylus.

youstruckgold presents Ecclectitbits: Why Fountain pens? posted at Ecclectitbits.

TonyB presents Why Do People Say ‘Ink Pen?’ posted at Tiger Pens Blog.

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