New Year's Resolutions from YOU

Please comment on this post. We value all of your feedback, positive or negative.

There's a new commercial that Domino's Pizza is airing on TV that features executives observing less-than-flattering customer feedback and digesting harsh Tweets. Domino's even released a video on YouTube called "The Pizza Turnaround," that expands on the commercial, explaining that they've heard the call for better quality and answered it.

Now, although Goldspot has never received the complaint that their pens taste like cardboard or that the ink is basically ketchup, we know that there are always actions we can take to better service our customers. This applies for all customers : past, present and future.

The Question is : What would you like to see from in 2010?

Just like the test tasters in the Domino's commercial, be blunt, yet constructive with your criticism. We are going to base our company's New Year's Resolutions around your thoughts and opinions.

On a Side note : our offices will be on vacation from Thursday, December 31st to Sunday, January 3rd. Please be patient with our responses to e-mail and voicemails. Have a safe and happy New Year!
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