New Tuesday - Libelle Santa Croce

Hello fellow Goldspotters,

We just wanted to announce that we have just added the new Libelle Santa Croce line of pens to the Goldspot Website. Libelle is a great value brand that continually releases fan-favorite pens. Santa Croce is a city in Italy that is known for producing world-class leather products. The pen series, available in white or black leather, encapsulates the feeling of luxurious leather. The fountain pens ($71.95) are fitted with a Schmidt German, iridium-tipped stainless steel nib in medium point. A companion rollerball ($63.95) and twist-action ballpoint ($59.95) are also available in each style. Enthusiasts of the seasonal Winter Storm, Sea Breeze, or Autumn Leaves will be more-than-pleased with the high-quality Libelle craftsmanship for a great value. 
Pick up any two Santa Croce models from our website and you will receive free shipping and a free $10 Goldspot Gift Card. Hurry, as this offer will not be around for very long and can expire abruptly without notice.

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