New Tuesday : Filofax Mode Academic Organizers

One day removed, but still fresh. For our New Tuesday weekly post, we have our first shipment of Filofax Mode organizers. Colorful, durable and inexpensive, these planners are great for students in high school or college who need to keep track of homework, class schedules, study groups and club meetings, etc. 

Grown-ups, don't be shy! If you're still young at heart and don't have the budget for a leather-covered organizer, the Filofax Mode is for you. Besides being a calendar diary for appointments, the included complement of notepaper, address sheets, index tabs and to-do sheets can help you organize just as well as the higher-end organizers we offer. An elastic "Livestrong"-like band keeps your organizer closed and secure.

The prices are very reasonable for a fully-stocked planner : $23.95 for the pocket-size, $27.95 for the personal (larger) size. Goldspot also offers paper refills for all of the organizers we sell. Shipping on our paper refills only starts at $3.25 for first class within the US. By the way, 2010 calendar refills are currently being printed and should be available for sale by the end of the summer.

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