New Pelikan Griffix : 4 Step System Review

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New Pelikan Griffix : 4 Step System Review
First-off, we have the Pelikan Griffix Writing System.
Before Die-Hard Pelikan Souveran fans decide to hit the "back" button on their browsers, it will interest you to know that the investment Pelikan is making in the future generations of writers will inevitably pay huge dividends for the future of
 the brand. 
Think about the first time you were introduced to a fountain pen: many of you can remember that fountain pens were all you used to write with in grammar school. Now they have been eschewed for the droll disposable ballpoint pen. Taking a page out of the Big Tobacco playbook, Pelikan is mirroring the "get'em while they're young" attitude to create future fountain pen enthusiasts.
That being said, the Griffix is suitable for early pre-school development. The first stage offers a wax pen, which is essentially a crayon with a unique, child-friendly grip. The design was developed in according to the newest graphomotoric findings in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering. 
The pen is made kid-friendly by offering four bright colors and "funbuttons" that are placed in the back end of the pen. The funbuttons come in "sports," "space," "animals," and "flowers" themes and are interchangeable. Let's not forget to also mention the smiley face that stares at your child gleefully as he or she scribbles all over your dining room wall.
New Pelikan Griffix : 4 Step System Review
The second step is the pencil. Since the child is learning coordination and handedness, the grips are now distinguished as a "lefty" or "righty" version.
The third step readies the child for fountain pens by using the ink writer. The ink pen allows for more fluid writing movements as the child refines their motor skills.
The final step, of course, is the fountain pen. Here is where the child will learn good writing form and apply the perfect pliers grip to hold the pen. The Griffix fountain pen uses the standard Pelikan cartridges with "animals" or "sport & space" themes to match your funbuttons.
But is that really the final step? Imagine years later when the Griffix-graduate child has enough disposable income to buy him or herself a luxury writing instrument. They hearken back to their childhood and say, "you know, Pelikan was the first fountain pen I ever had. I'm going to buy a Souveran 800 Demonstrator." Well, it may not go exactly like that, but you get the point.