New Goldspot Warranty Protection Plan

New Goldspot Warranty Protection Plan
Introducing the Goldspot Pens Protection Plan

Most pen manufacturers offer a limited, international warranty of up to 3 years on writing instruments that can cost upwards of five-hundred to thousands of dollars. And these warranties ONLY cover mechanical defects that will not allow you to write with your pen. That means if the clip falls off or the gold-plated trim wears away, you're stuck with an ugly pen that always rolls off the desk.

To further support the manufacturer's warranty, Goldspot Pens is providing a comprehensive extended warranty that will cover your pen from accidental damage, nib-clogging, clip-breaking, trim-wearing, and, in some cases, if you plain just don't like the pen anymore.

As many pen enthusiasts know, most pens break or are lost within the first 4 years of ownership. With the "Theft Option" additional coverage, you can finally feel confident again in your investment. We install a low-profile LO-JACK GPS locator chip into your pen that ensures your writing instrument will be safely returned. For pennies a day, you can finally have peace of mind when lending your pen to a co-worker.

So, before you check out your order at, be sure to add the Goldspot Pens Protection Plan to your cart.

You may have trouble finding the Protection Plan option, since it is fake and this is April Fool's Day. Gotcha!