My, How Far We've Come

Taking a look at our 2010 Annual Catalog really brought me back. It was printed back in late October of 2009, but served as our holiday and mail order catalog for the better part of this year. On page 3, there is information about our Newsletter, Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. As they are screenshots of the pages at the time, it's almost like taking a photograph of the old house you used to live in.

Back in October '09 we had..
67 Facebook "Fans" (when they used to be called Fans)
107 Twitter Followers
& completely different blog & e-mail newsletter formats.

What difference a year makes!
490 Facebook "peoples who like" (which I still refer to as Fans) 731% increase
334 Twitter Followers 312% increase

I don't think I could voice my appreciation enough for everyone who has followed and supported Goldspot in our various social media efforts. Your readership and participation are extremely valued.
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