Monkeys, Skyscrapers and Pens, Oh my!

Cross is going all King Kong on us.

Not counting the Star Wars collection, two of AT Cross' flagship limited editions that are slated for 2015/16 involve a Monkey and Skyscrapers, so I couldn't help but combine the two together in my mind, and it makes me smile.

Monkeys Skyscrapers and Pens Oh my!

Cross Chinese Zodiac 2016 Year of the Monkey Special Edition

Firstly, the latest release in the Chinese Zodiac Series, the 2016 Year of the Monkey takes the curvaceous, Cross Sauvage body style and compliments it with a decorative engraving of a snub-nosed monkey. Indigenous to the mountainous forests of Southwest China, this majestic, endangered species represents the 9th sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The monkey symbolizes status, magical power and good fortune.

Monkeys Skyscrapers and Pens Oh my!
Left to Right : Tibetan Teal & Brushed Platinum Plate

The Year of the Monkey will be offered in two colorways - a vibrant Tibetan Teal lacquer with gold plated appointments and a Brushed Platinum Plated silver, also with gold trim. As you can see in the detail shots, both finishes appear to have a textured feel to the barrel and cap,. The playful monkey can be seen engraved the full way down the barrel and cap. The engraving is more contrasted in the Teal version, as it is filled / plated in gold to stand out from the blue.

This limited edition collection will be available October 1st and will be offered in 3 modes : twist-action ballpoint pen, selectip rollerball and fountain pen fitted with an 18ct gold nib. Each pen is accompanied by special edition packaging unique to the Year of the Monkey theme.

Monkeys Skyscrapers and Pens Oh my!

Cross Peerless Citizen Special Edition

The grandiose Peerless 125 collection is being expanded with a special edition of three finishes that are crafted after architectural motifs related to three major cosmopolitan centers of world culture : London, New York and Tokyo.

The London's 23ct gold plate engraved finish is inspired by the Gothic Revival architecture of London's Elizabeth Tower. New York City is engraved in platinum plate and borrows design elements from the iconic Art Deco of New York's Chrysler Building. Tokyo's steely, satin black takes its design cue from the Neo-Futuristic architecture of Tokyo's Skytree Tower.

Monkeys Skyscrapers and Pens Oh my!
From left to right : Tokyo, London, NYC
Each Peerless Citizen has a brilliant Swarovski crystal set in the top of the pen's crown. The city's name and the latitude / longitude of the city are engraved on the ring right below the crystal. This monumental collection is available as either a twist-action ballpoint pen or a fountain pen with an 18ct gold nib. Coming February 2016.

Do you collect the Cross Chinese Zodiac pens? Are you excited for this new Year of the Monkey edition? Have you tried the Peerless? Let us know if you're excited about these new pens from Cross. If you would like to place a pre-order, be sure to call us at 800-963-7367. If you would like to be notified when these pens will become available on our website, please SIGN UP for our E-MAIL NEWSLETTER LIST.