List of 2010 New Pen Releases

Earlier this week, we sent out a call for entries to the 2010 Goldspot Readers Pen of the Year and so far we've seen a vigorous response on the topic posted on fountainpennetwork. The overwhelming choice has been the TWSBI Diamond 530 Piston filling fountain pen, but there has been some interest in seeing a list of the pens released this year for people to mull over in providing their nomination. It was argued that, if you haven't heard of the pen before and needed to be reminded of its existence, then it really shouldn't be a nominee. I agree, but to further the discussion and get people talking about the all the pens released this year, here is a running list of the new pens that we've seen come across our desk this year:
  • Visconti Homo Sapiens
  • Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller
  • Cross Torero
  • Cross Edge
  • Parker Premier Stealth Black Special Edition
  • Pilot Vanishing Point Ice Green
  • Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali
  • Aurora Alpha
  • Aurora Tu
  • Libelle Chromatic Speed
  • Libelle Siena
  • Conklin Limited Edition Deco Crest
  • Delta Italiana
  • Delta Titanio
  • Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion
  • Monteverde for Goldspot Exclusive Formula Red (*shameless plug*)
  • Waterman Carene Contemporary Collection
  • Sheaffer Intensity
  • Pelikan m205 Duo
  • Aurora Cube Firma
  • Retro 51 (numerous lines) Tornado Monochrome, Exotic, Kalligraphiti, etc.
  • Taccia Staccato SE
I know I'm probably leaving several pens out, but this is just to get folks current on what has debuted in the pen market this year. We'll leave this discussion fairly open-ended and the ballot that comes out on November 2nd will be diverse, unlike the "real" elections that only have a few choices.