Lamy Petrol Bottled Ink Issue

Sometimes, making a mistake with ink can lead to inky fingers and stained fingers. We made a regretful mistake that involved one of this year's most highly anticipated inks. 

It was surprising, to say the least, that our website was listing Lamy Petrol bottled ink available ahead of schedule last Friday afternoon. It was after we left the office for the weekend that we noticed orders started to come in for this ink. 

Coming in on Monday, we had expected to pick and pack all Petrol orders to be shipped later in the day. However, we encountered a problem that, as embarrassing it is to admit it, needed to be addressed promptly and with transparency.

We had erroneously received the Petrol bottled ink instead of the ink cartridges into our inventory. Once our team realized the mistake, we corrected our inventory and got to work in providing a solution.

Lamy’s US distributor is actively working on providing us with an ETA on the bottled ink. Currently, we are being told that they are coming in May and hopefully it will be sooner than later in the month.

Nothing is more important to us than your trust. Everyone who has placed an order over the weekend has been contacted by e-mail to offer a solution to this issue.  We know you were looking forward to this ink as much as we were. 

It is with great humility and disappointment that we share this news and hope for your understanding. Mistakes like these do happen in business. We are working hard to make sure that things are made right and this does not happen again.

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