Kim Jong Il Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Kim Jong Il Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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I can usually understand why certain limited editions are released to commemorate such great figures in history as Muhammad Ali, the Beatles, Bruce Lee, Darwin, Buzz Aldrin, Newton, etc, etc. People worth celebrating have usually made the world a better place for us all to live in. The pen encapsulates their timeless importance in our culture and history. So, it really makes me scratch my head as to why this new Kim Jong Il limited edition would be released.

A quick biography would sum up the man as the leader, or some would say "Supreme leader" or "General" of North Korea. Widely known for his brash and aggressive foreign policies, Kim Jong Il is suspected to be developing nuclear weapons and raising an army to intimidate neighboring countries and the West. Under his leadership, North Korea is recognized by several international organizations as having the worst human rights of any country in the world.

Each pen is hand-crafted by child-laborers from solid bars of resin, then given to an air-brush artist to paint the North Korean Flag and portrait of Kim Jong. The collection will be available in a fountain pen fitted with an 18kt solid gold nib and can only be filled with an ink that is included in the box. The ink is formulated with deep red pigments and human tears and is said to dissolve paper if anything bad is written about North Korea. It will be a limited numbered edition of 1998, symbolizing the year that he became leader. The pen and ink comes handsomely packaged in a grenade-shaped gift box with satin-lined interior.

This pen is not going to be available in the United States since it is an April Fools Day joke. Hope you got a laugh out of it.