How Do You Collect Pens?

How Do You Collect Pens

If you're reading this, you're most likely a pen collector. Some of you may deny this, but I would argue that even if you have a few pens that you use on a regular basis, you are on the shallow end of the term. Unless you're using disposable bank pens and tossing them regularly, you collect.

With our years of experience in talking with fine-writing aficionados, enthusiasts and hobbyists, we've worked with a broad spectrum that fit our "collector" definition. There are those who collect every color of Parker Jotter that ever existed. Some may only want to collect pens of a certain color (that perfect 'blue,' you know who you are). Some only want to use piston-fill fountain pens while others need a click-top ballpoint. And there are the hard-core, affluent enthusiasts that are mostly interested in matching number sets of limited editions in the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Most of us are familiar with the term "collector" in the affluent context, but I say that definition is stuffy and outdated.

So, what is your collection like? Even if you don't have a criteria set, take a look at the pens you have and search for the common ground between them. If you haven't gotten rid of, traded or sold them, then they must be of some value to you. Are they all the same brand? Color? Size? Material? Weight? Mode? Point size? Even if they don't share physical characteristics, they may tell a story in that they were all pens received as gifts or pens purchased to commemorate different events in your life.

How do you collect? Jump in and comment!