Happy St. Pattys Day Update

Dearest Pen Enthusiasts,

First-off, lets wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011. Whether your attending a parade or tending to the stool in your local pub, stay safe and celebrate responsibly.

I haven't had much time recently to write posts since catalog production is in full-swing. In the spirit of the holiday, I'm taking a short break to write you about some news in the Goldspot pen universe.

Tons of new product are slated to hit the shelves in the ensuing weeks. One particular advantage about working on the catalog is that we get to see images of new products before they're even available for sale. We know there have been many people eagerly awaiting the Beatles limited editions from ACME and we'll be working on getting those items available for pre-sale shortly. Delivery of the very first shipments should be coming in mid-to-late-May. When we have them up on the site to reserve, I will let everyone know.

White is going to be a huge color trend this year for pens. With the black on black style being a popular hit last year, white pens are going to be hitting the market from Waterman, Parker, and Montegrappa, to name a few.

Some of the more well-established and renown brands are getting in touch with their roots by offering "new vintage" pens. Pelikan, for example, will be launching a reproduction of the historic M100N in tortoise shell with a traditional 14kt nib. OMAS is producing a couple limited production pens, including a Arte Italiana Paragon that will be fitted with an "extra-flexible" nib. We already signed on for a few of the OMAS 360 Vintage that are made from transparent blue cotton resin. The 360 can suck up some mean amounts of ink with its internal piston-filling system.

Speaking of piston-fillers - Almost all of our color TWSBI pens are sold out and will be backordered until new shipment arrives from Taiwan. Fear not, we will still have ample stock of the clear demonstrators for the time being. If you have an order pending, we have contacted you by e-mail to check if there is another point-size or color you would be interested in having. Otherwise, your order will be on reserve for when the new shipments arrive.

That's all for now. I will be in touch soon to drop a few new pen topics, along with a review or two in the coming weeks. Keep on writing!