Guess How Many Parker Jotters Contest

Hello Pen Fans,

Guess How Many Parker Jotters Contest
It's been a while since our last post, but we're finally wrapping up the catalog and moving on to bigger and better things. We had a shipment yesterday of Parker Jotters that weighed in (packing box included) at a whopping 10 pounds. We're running a contest this weekend to guess exactly how many Parker Jotter pens equals 10 pounds.  It's a take on the "guess how many jellybeans are in this jar" game. Simply post your guess as a comment below our blog post here. The winner will receive a Parker Jotter pen of their choosing, completely free.

Contest : Guess how many Parker Jotters would it take to make a 10 lbs shipment.
Deadline for guesses : May 4th at 11:59PM Eastern Time (Wednesday)
Rules : Register a comment below to enter with a numeric guess. Only one guess per person (so make it count!). Closest guess wins. If two contestants guess the same correct answer, the earliest guess wins.

Have fun!