Goldspot at the Philadelphia Pen Show

Goldspot at the Philadelphia Pen Show
We're getting packed up and ready to make the trip down to the Philadelphia Pen Show at the Downtown Sheraton and wanted to give everyone a head's up on what to expect when you get down there.

First of all, weather is supposed to get a little unkind tomorrow, so be careful if you're making the drive. Secondly, we'll be setting up shop to get going when the show kicks off at 10am on Saturday morning. There should be plenty of signage in the lobby of the Sheraton to point  the way up the escalators to the ballroom that the show is being held.

To whet your appetite a little bit, here is a preview of the items we will have on hand to sell during the weekend:

The featured pen this year will be the Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age Collection. The lava of Mt. Etna is now available with stainless marine steel trim. We will also have the bronze age versions of the Homo Sapiens on sale as well. My Pen System personalization is free on any Visconti pen purchase.

We will have the very last of our TWSBI Diamond 540 clear pens (in broad point) and the ROC100 pens, which are still available in all point sizes. We will also have all color bands of the innovative TWSBI ink well on hand.

Although we don't have all the colors of the Noodler's flex nib pens, we do have a good amount of inventory that we will bring of the standard nib creeper and the Ahab pens.

We have the very last of the Pelikan m205 Blue Transparent fountain pens, which will be available at the show in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and italic nib sizes.

Last year, many folks enjoyed the items we brought from the island of the misfit pens and we're doing the same this weekend as well. We will have nearly new pens that have engraving snafus and other slight cosmetic defects for a great value buy.

Of course, what would be the pen without the ink and paper. We will have most (if not all) the colors of the Pilot Iroshizuku ink, Pelikan Edelstein and J. Herbin. We will have Rhodia webbies and some staplebound notepads available as well.

Promotions - this weekend, you'll be able to take advantage of great Pen Show sale opportunities, along with the special promos you've come to know and love on our website. For example, orders over $35 will get a free Parker Leather Pen Case, while supplies last. Anything that we normally offer on the website, but we don't have in-person, you can buy with free shipping if your order is given at the show. Any orders we take for items not at the show will be entered and fulfilled on Monday when we get back.

For those of you that can't make it, we're sorry we missed you this time around! We'll take plenty of pictures of the crowd, the vendors and the PENS!