Food for Thought on Earth Day 2013

Food for Thought on Earth Day 2013


1.5 Billion

What would this number represent?

The dollar amount revenue of a major corporation? The number of citizens in a densely populated country? The gallons of gas we consume in a year? The number of stars you are gazing at in the night sky?

No, this is the amount of ballpoint pens that are disposed of, by Americans, each year. (source)

Think of all the Bics, promotional pens and bank pens that are carelessly tossed aside when they have exhausted their ink supply. Since the majority of them are not intended to be refilled, they are simply thrown away. People who receive these pens for free treat them as such and throw them away on a whim.

Be a responsible, Eco-friendly pen enthusiast and always carry your fine writing instrument with you. That way, you can always be sure you will never have to take another promotional or disposable pen for your writing needs.