Fine Writing Giveaway in Honor of National Poetry Month

Here at Goldspot, we love to encourage any action that puts pen to paper. Whether it comes in the form of journaling, writing poetry, note-taking, drawing, and doodling, etc., any excuse to take out your beautiful writing instrument is worthwhile. In honor of National Poetry Month, we would like to run a little giveaway to foster some creativity amongst our readers, who are mostly very creative (whether or not they know it).

Now's the time to let your inner Shakespeare shine...

The Prize : A Rhodia Webnotebook (5.5" x 8.5" size) with your choice of grid, lined or blank pages to capture your writing, thoughts and anything in between.

How Do I Enter? : Leave a comment on this post with a poem that is original and uniquely written by you. The Topic - PENS, of course. Write about your love of writing instruments, the deep feeling of regret in losing your favorite pen, the need to restore sanity with ink and paper. The poem should at least be 3 lines, but is not required to rhyme. You have until Friday, April 13th at 2pm (Eastern US Time) to enter.

The Winner : Since poetry is very subjective in judging, the lucky recipient of the Rhodia Webbie will be randomly selected from the entries that we receive. If there are a few that really stand out, we may also send out honorable mention prizes as well. Winner will be announced Friday afternoon, April 13th.

As the entries come rolling in, we may share them with our Facebook and Twitter followers to encourage more people to enter. Please share with as many pen-lovers and creative writers as you can! Thanks for reading!

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