Filofax Malden Sighting

Filofax Malden Sighting

Filofax Malden Organizers aren't just hard to come by, they are nearly impossible to get a hold of, especially the personal size. They are almost as rare as the Sasquatch, with only whispers of its existence. Our customers have been looking high and low for these elusive organizers, but have been put on a backorder / waiting list since July. Finally, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

We received information from Filofax USA this morning that the Malden personal organizers are due to arrive in on the following dates :

Personal Ochre : November 15th
Personal Aqua : November 15th
Personal Purple : November 21st

However, as anyone who has hunted the Filo-Squatch knows all-to-well, the Malden can evade capture and has done so in the past. After all, we were told in the summer that they were supposed to arrive in August. Then, when August came, we were told October. However, only one thing can console the hunter, and that is the Filo-Squatch WILL be captured. Our hope is that, with the 4th quarter here and the peak Holiday season looming, there is enough pressure on Filofax to deliver these organizers to the US market prior to Thanksgiving.

Are you hunting for the Malden? We feel your pain and anguish. We will dutifully e-mail all of our Filofax customers the moment we receive the Malden Personal in-stock. Sign up for our e-mail list today. Alternatively, you can be put on the shortlist of those who choose to wait for the backorder to arrive by placing an order on Placing your order with your credit card will allow us to immediately ship you the organizer the moment it arrives and before the inventory goes public on a first-come, first-serve basis. As per our store policy, we do not authorize the charge on your card until the backordered items arrive and your order is ready to ship.