Filofax 2016 Calendar Diary Inserts in BLUE Ink

To all of our Organized Filofax Fans,

Maybe it was the changeover in US distribution to "Blueline" Rediform, or it was the need for ruffling the feathers of dedicated Filofax users worldwide, but Filofax has printed a number of their 2016 organizer refills in blue ink instead of black.

This may not seem like Earth-shattering news for the rest of us, but for those who have been faithfully scheduling, to-doing and note-taking in their Filo's for years, this is a matter of grave importance. It's like when Spotify changed their logo color to a solid, electric green. It's offensive and irritable to its core users.

We've recently updated all of our 2016 calendar refill photos to show the correct ink color appearance and layout of the inserts. Oh, and that's another thing - the layouts on certain week-to-view style inserts have been slightly tweaked.

See the 2016 week on two pages below. Filofax added a "This Week" section to the top-left of the layout. The left-side was originally divided into larger sections for the first three days of the week. The right side would have had Thursday, Friday and the weekend would have been split in the lower right-hand side.
Filofax 2016 Calendar Diary Inserts in BLUE Ink
New 2016 Blue ink refill with updated layout
So far, the response to this refill change hasn't been the most welcome. We've forwarded all complaints to Filofax to provide them valuable user feedback. Perhaps they may learn from this lesson to keep their core organizer users happy by sticking with a format that wasn't broken to begin with. Or perhaps crowdsource the design change by getting feedback from online Filofax communities like Philofaxy.


The Goldspot Team