Cross 20% Off Promotion

Cross 20% Off PromotionHello Pen Lovers!

As of late last week, Cross is now offering a huge promotion the likes of which has not been seen for some time. A.T. Cross retailers are now authorized to take 20% off any Cross order (pens, leather, watches, cufflinks, etc) over $80.
This means any Cross pen or leather product that is priced over $80 is automatically qualified for the 20% discount.

Since there is no easier way to provide the discount as the consumer is shopping, the 20% will be taken off after the checkout has been completed. That means customers will see they are paying full price until they receive the invoice along with their shipment. We hope that this is not an inconvenience to anyone. The best way to verify the final price is to call in your order. That way, you will know what your total will be before confirming the order.

Please be advised this discount is honored by Goldspot for only the full-retail priced Cross items. Products that are already discounted or on clearance are not eligible for the 20% discount.

Also, one minor note is that if you have an order with over $80 in Cross items on it, but also have products from other brands on the order as well, the other products will not be discounted the same 20%.

I would love to hear some feedback from customers and readers about this promotion. Your constructive criticisms will also be relayed to the AT Cross company. We do this in hopes to provide you with a better shopping experience in the future.
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