Conid Fountainbel and The Edison Beaumont Co-Winners of 2012 Pen of the Year

We are revising our previous election declaration due to some information that has come to light in regards to the vote for Pen of the Year. It was discovered that users of a fountain pen forum had encouraged other members to vote for the Conid Fountainbel Bulkfiller multiple times by clearing a web browser's cookies. It was evident that this information affected the results of the poll, as the advantage had swung from Edison's favor being up 6% to the Conid pen being up 4% within the same hours that the forum posts were written. Members on the board replied to the thread, stating that they had added a significant number of votes artificially, which was not in-line with the intentions of this poll.

Considering the immense popularity of both the Edison Beaumont and the Conid Fountainbel Bulkfiller, we have decided to announce both pens as the Co-Winners of the 2012 Pen of the Year. We believe that this is the fairest solution since both pens were so overwhelmingly voted above the other selections and the margin of victory was so narrow.

Of course, we cannot prevent every occurrence of people voting from multiple computers or vote-hacking, but we are making it known for future polls that this type of behavior is strictly discouraged. Next year, we are going to be using a different method of polling that logs IP addresses and enables cookies on your browser to prevent multiple votes per computer. Also, if sufficient evidence is found that vote hacking had occurred, the pen itself will be disqualified from the ballot entirely. This would hopefully deter those who are ardent fans of a certain pen from trying to fix the vote by artificial means.