Chris' Collection : Pilot Knight Ballpoint Pen Review

This week I am reviewing the Pilot Knight Ballpoint Pen. Immediately upon viewing this pen, my attention is drawn to the brilliant aesthetic quality of the matte barrel finish. This pen is available in your choice of navy, black, burgundy, or silver. The Navy (pictured below) was my pick for the review. The pen's slightly curved clip is an elegant trait that accentuates the gorgeous, modern look of the pen. The silver accents bring this image together, providing a pen whose appearance should be envied. The pen's continuously smooth texture is also noteworthy as it gives the hand a tactile sensation of extreme comfort and luxury.

Chris Collection : Pilot Knight Ballpoint Pen Review

After inserting a Pilot ballpoint pen refill, I picked up this fine writing instrument to find the pen's shape and size allowed a perfect grip. I noticed that, due to the fact that this pen offers an all metal cap and barrel, this pen was heavier than your average ballpoint pen. Combined with the pen's hefty nature, this quality provided for a writing experience that required minimal effort and supreme control. The ink continuously flows out while the pen coasts easily across the page and I am left to thoroughly enjoy the process.

Writing Quality: This pen allows effortless control due to its unique weight, shape, and size. The pen feels well-balanced in the hand and provides a smooth writing experience. (Grade: A)
Aesthetic Quality: Metal body and cap with matte barrel finishes in black, burgundy, or silver in addition to silver accents and clip provide for an elegant appearance. (Grade: A-)
Utility: The large weight of the pen may be a hindrance in long periods of writing. The parts of the pen fit together well allowing the pen to remain in a good condition for a long period of time. (Grade: A-)
Price: This pen is offered for a retail price of only $37.00 (discounted for less at and gives the user a high quality pen that will provide a great fine writing experience. (Grade: A)

Final Grade: A

The Pilot Knight ballpoint pen is a pen that can be put to everyday use. Those searching for a reliable, high caliber pen should quickly snatch up this ballpoint pen. Presented in a spectacular navy gift box, this pen would also make a great gift.