Chris' Collection : Monteverde One Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen Review

This week I am reviewing the Monteverde one touch stylus ballpoint pen. Each pen in this unique series is composed of superb lacquered brass, which your eye cannot manage to ignore. This pen also features stealth black clip and appointments that finish off the simple, yet alluring appearance. This ballpoint/stylus combo is presented in five unique colors (new Gradient Colors just added), leaving you to choose which hue suits your personality. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this pen's physical appearance is the back end, which features a conductive rubber top that can also be used as a stylus on any capacitive touch screens, including my iPod (see below).

Chris Collection : Monteverde One Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen Review

I decided to see what this unique pen could do. Loaded with a Monteverde Soft-Roll Parker-style ballpoint refill, this pen soon sat cozily in my hand, hovering over the paper. The push-mechanism is convenient in that one can easily perform the task with a single hand. Possessing precisely the amount of weight needed to make the pen feel well-balanced in the hand, this pen allowed exceptional control while still moving continuously and steadily across the paper.  While providing a pleasurable fine writing experience, the pen's attribute that is going to make it a must-have item, especially for those who own touch-screen electronic devices, is the stylus.

Taking out my iPod touch, I decided to test the quality of this unusual pen trait. Flipping the pen over, I was soon astounded at how easy it was to use. Gliding easily along the surface of my iPod, this pen allowed me to play games, check e-mail, and peruse websites as easily as though I was using my finger, but with more control. As I have used my iPod touch for a few years, it is hard not to notice that it is covered with fingerprints that I constantly have to wipe away. Undoubtedly, owners of this pen will not have to deal with this frustrating dilemma.

   -Writing Quality: Nice weight and shape allow for good control as the pen seems to slide across the page. (Grade A-)
   -Aesthetic Quality: Brilliant in its simplicity, the lacquered brass and black appointments make for an high aesthetic appeal. (Grade A-)
   -Utility: At 5 3/8 inches long and a weight of 30 grams, this pen is a good size and light enough allow for improved quality in medium to long periods of writing. (Grade A)
   -Price: Highly useful as a stylus, in addition to its high quality as a ballpoint pen, this writing instrument is available for only $30.00. (Grade A)

Final Grade: A

This is a pen that surely will flying off the shelves. Not only a fine writing instrument, it also solves the problems of long finger nails, gloves, and finger prints for those who wish to use touch screens. This pen can also improve touchscreen typing accuracy; whereas the larger surface of a finger may hit two keys at once accidentally, this pen will allow people to minimize the mistakes they make. This pen has multiple applications that are sure to be extremely helpful.