Chris' Collection : Cross Edge Retractable Gel Review

This week I am reviewing the Cross Edge Rollerball Pen. This pen has good heft and a nice shape that will be sure to enhance the writing experience. The pen is dressed in metallic fusion resin and chrome plating appointments that make this pen's appearance desirable. The pen is offered in Octane Green, Nitro Blue (shown below), Jet Black, or Sonic Titanium. This pen also possesses the precise weight that allows perfect control but still provides stability during the writing process.
Chris Collection : Cross Edge Retractable Gel Review

One of this pen's special appeals is its unique slide-to-open mechanism, which is great to fidget with . This process involves pulling the two ends of the pen away from each other, causing the refill to come out. After completing the writing task, the writer can slide the two sides back together and hear the satisfying click that means the ink has been withdrawn. It is a really neat feature that is not only effective and easy, but also fun to use. While the pen is opened, it's length is perfect to allow the hand to be comfortable. After your writing task, you can close the pen, thereby shortening it, and providing for a convenient method for carrying the pen.

I decided to use a Cross rollerball refill to test run this pen. The pen gave me excellent control, providing me complete domination over the movements of the fine writing instrument. The ink came out bold which, along with the easy commmand the pen gave me, made for exceptionally beautiful writing. When extended, the new length of the pen gives the writer a superb grip. Although light enough to allow easy control, the pen was still stable and balanced in my hand. This pen provided a very smooth writing experience.

Writing Quality: This pen allows you to direct it precisely where you want it to go while still having enough weight to make the pen stable during the writing process. (Grade: A)
Aesthetic Quality: This pen is offered in four stunning hues that, combined with the chrome plating appointments, make for a pen that has a sleek and contemporary appearance. (Grade: B+)
Utility: This pen's weight causes few or no discomforts in a long writing period. This pen allows you to unscrew the point cover to change your refill as the slide-to-open mechanism doesn't allow you to unscrew the top. You can also use a Cross Selectip Jumbo ballpoint refill or a Selectip Porous Point Refill in this pen if you please. (Grade: A)
Price: This unique and convenient pen is available for $40.00 retail price (on sale at which is extremely reasonable for a pen with so many benefits. (Grade: A-)

Final Grade: A-