Blogger Pen Giveaway! Pelikano Juniors!

Attention Bloggers of pen & office goods:

This is our first-ever give-away contest. We are giving away several Pelikano Junior fountain pens:
Blogger Pen Giveaway! Pelikano Juniors!

Pelikano Jr. fountain pens are sturdy, re-fillable pens that are available in both right-handed and left handed nibs in medium size. They are filled using Pelikan Giant fountain pen cartridges. The Pelikano Jr. is made of sturdy plastic in translucent blue, red and green colors. White strip with the name "Chris" written on it is not included with the pen.

Here are the rules to the contest:
  • You must have a blog that is pen-, or office-related that is more than 3 months old and has at least 10 posts.
  • USA residents ONLY. Sorry, World.
  • Contest Ends when Pelikano Jr. Supply runs out.
Instructions to enter the contest:
  • Post a comment on this blog post. Please make sure to include a link to your blog along with your e-mail or twitter handle.
  • Winners will be contacted by Goldspot directly through Twitter or E-mail to request color and handedness choice of the pen, along with their mailing address.
  • Although it is not necessary, feel free to retweet or post a link to this post elsewhere.
Good luck to all of those who participate. Availability on the colors is first-come, first-serve.