ACME Beatles Release Update

Hey Beatles & Pen Fans,

Just wanted to give you a brief update on the ACME Limited Edition Beatles release that has gotten a ton of buzz over the last few months. We were expecting delivery for the initial release this month, but have been recently notified that it has been delayed to August, which we're being told is a firm date. This release will include the editions that have been up for pre-sale on our website and other pen retailer sites around the net.

A few weeks ago, our company was notified that several of the editions have already been sold out, which is a remarkable feat for a pen that has not even made it out of the factory yet. Good thing that Goldspot has already committed to quantities of each pen and set so that we can take pre-orders. And we've received a great response, already selling out of one of the editions that we offered on the website. We do have limited quantities for the pre-order, so be sure to place your order as soon as possible, or you may miss out of the entire edition.

The second release, which are for designs that are not yet shown, is scheduled for Q4 in November. It is not anticipated that there will be a lengthy delay like the first release since these designs have already made it through the long approval process that held up the first batch. The following third through fifth releases are slated to be shipped every six months afterward.