30 days, 30 pens on Fountain Pen Network

Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful summer weekend.

30 days 30 pens on Fountain Pen Network
I had to share this FPN Link with everyone since I am really enjoying my daily update from fellow Fountain Pen Network user Soapytwist. He could have been inspired by Morgan Spurlock's "Supersize Me," his large fountain pen collection or both. Every day, for thirty days, he is reviewing a fountain pen from his expansive collection.

So far, he's reviewed pens made by Pilot, Cross, Mont Blanc, Parker, Lamy, Waterman, Mabie Todd, and Caran d'Ache. He includes several hi-res shots of the pen, along with a writing sample of his review. The pens are well-cataloged, as each entry shows the make, model, approx. year of manufacture, nib size, where it was purchased and what he paid for it.

The project is on day 10 and I am very eager to see my e-mail notifications from FPN with a new review each day. If Soapy ever decides to make a book about his 30 days, 30 pens project, he should mimic the "Supersize Me" image and insert pens into his mouth instead of fries. Make sure they aren't inked, though.