2016 Clean Off Your Desk Day

Some of us may not be so fortunate to start off our 2016 resolutions on the right foot. Your plate may still be filled with things left-over from 2015. To get a fresh start on our productivity, there is the unofficial holiday, "Clean Off Your Desk Day."

Every 2nd Monday in January, Clean Off Your Desk Day serves as a yearly reminder to keep our workspace simplified and our priorities straightened to be able to address the important tasks.

Besides having productive benefits, keeping a neat and organized desk also limits the risk of a security breach. When tidying a desk, make sure to lock away any secure documents that may have sensitive information. Some companies mandate a Clean Desk Policy that enforces this practice on a routine basis and is usually part of the employee handbook.

Other benefits to keeping a clean desk :

  • Saves time in finding documents & papers.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Provides an excellent impression to other co-workers and bosses.
Also, if you have pets that sometimes like to climb on top of your workspace, the cleaning can help keep pet hair out of unwanted areas.

2016 Clean Off Your Desk Day

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