12th Carnival of Pen Pencil and Paper

12th Carnival of Pen Pencil and Paper
Happy belated 4th of July and welcome to the 12th Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper! The brain-child of Nifty over at Notebook Stories, the Carnival has been a monthly staple since August of 2009 and we have the honors of hosting this month.

The traveling Carnival is a showcase of all the pen, pencil and paper-related blog posts from around the vast expanses of the internet.

Editor's Pick

Julie (Okami) presents Pen Cabinet Extraordinaire posted at Whatever. You know you're a pen collector when a pouch, box or drawer of pens isn't enough. (Reading a Jeff Foxworthy accent into that comment). - Goldspot Pens.


Heather & Joni Bowers present First Fountain Pen: Platinum Preppy posted at A Penchant for Paper.

dianeb presents Pentel VICUNA 0.7mm Gel Ink Pen posted at Pocket Blonde. Comment : "I can't tell whether I like the pen or the advertising more, but it's very trendy and a nice writing instrument."

dowdyism presents Review: Uni-Ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - White Ink posted at The Pen Addict. Be sure to look hard for the text of this review. Love the tongue-in-cheek humor. - GS

dianeb presents Pilot Namiki Falcon Review (modified by Mottishaw) posted at The Penny Writer.. Comment : "Nice review of the Namiki Falcon with modified nib from a new pen, pencil and paper blogger The Penny Writer."

Mark Webber presents The Magnet Tribune - Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts - Students are missing out on the joy of fountain pens posted at My High School Journalism.org.


David Garrett presents ink review: j. herbin orange indien - seize the dave posted at seize the dave. Beautiful scanned ink sample. -GS


Brian Greene presents Whitelines Hard Wire A5 Black Cover :: OfficeSupplyGeek posted at OfficeSupplyGeek.

Cheryl from Writer's Bloc presents Behance Action Journal & Dot Grid Journal posted at Writer's Bloc Blog.


dianeb presents Guest Post: The Mystery of Mary Nordmeyer posted at Pocket Blonde. Comment: "A detective story by Jack and Ilona that started out trying to unravel the mystery behind this amazing handwriting."

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Thank you to Nifty for honoring us with the hosting duties this month. Don't forget that you can submit your blog posts to future Carnivals by using this submission form.